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Writing for Business


Do you wrestle with getting your writing written reliably? are the right people to assist with all your business writing needs.


We see you the business operator like the pilot of a plane on route to a desired destination, you're sitting at the controls and making all the important decisions to keep moving forward and eventually reach your goals.


It's an important job, with many critical decisions to make and strategic tasks to do. Undoubtedly, you're not the one who should be walking the aisles, serving the drinks. 

Virtual What_Plane Cockpit Image.jpg

We are like those needed cabin staff, we can figuratively serve those drinks while you do the important stuff. are freelance writers who can write the content for your Website, Blogs, Newsletters, Magazines, whatever, the list is as large as your needs. 

Plane Jettisoning Paperwork.png

Our experience includes: business report writing, presentation development, blog writing, interviewing and transcribing, web design, article writing, qualified resume and cover letter writing, professional letters, scriptwriting, social media content, marketing material, advertising copy, brochures, banners, editing and proofreading. 


Above all, what you get from us are caring people whom you can trust to get your business writing achieved both efficiently and competently. We love the challenge of writing quality business content and understand that in your hectic business life, you won't always have the time.

So, if you're currently piloting a business that is overloaded with work and you feel the need to jettison some the cargo, allow us to move into the co-pilot position to help bring your valuable asset home to land.

Creative Writing


Need a piece of writing created creatively?

Contact and allow us to get our creative juices flowing in a topic of your choice. Imagine, if you will, a short story, a novel, an epic poem, or some other form of verse or composition.


Think love, think drama, think humour or pathos. Do you need to beckon your own Juliet standing at the second-tier balcony?

Do you need help writing the story of your life?


Wonderful stories reverberating within the distant corners of your mind, they’re no good in there, if not shown the light of day they could be lost for all time.


Perhaps you need something amusing written for a wedding, a birthday, or perhaps Grannies acceptance speech for graduating in decoupage at night school?

There’re a million great reasons, which I’d love to list here but there just isn’t the room.


Finally, if your lost for words expressing the love you felt for a loved one lost, contact to have a eulogy written to respectfully say farewell to the person who has passed, or create any other speech that will allow you to best convey your feelings for the individual departed.


No matter what the reason you would like a creative composition written, contact and allow us to get your thoughts documented.

Original, personalised wedding vows:

Do you take to be your personalised wedding vow writer? We’d like to think so. understand matters of the heart and further understands that not all of us can reach inside our hearts and communicate effectively the love we feel for one another.


We can create each partner’s personalised wedding vows in any unique arrangement you choose, with the underlying objective to reflect the love you have for each other and to provide the promises that will successfully enable your love to grow, adapt and endure.

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