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The WIX platform is the perfect solution for small-medium business owners allowing them to maintain their own website. Its ease of use and flexibility of design allows it to adapt to your expanding needs.

What is a Virtual Assistant and what does a Virtual Assistant do?

We’ve put these questions together because they get frequently, and one generally follows the other.


his is our definition of a Virtual Assistant, although it can vary:

A Virtual Assistant is an office administration professional that works from the comfort of their own home office or a leased office space or anywhere they want to be! They are generally sole traders, carrying their own ABN and working the hours of their choosing.

What does a Virtual Assistant do? 

Well, there are endless ways this can be answered, but in short, a Virtual Assistant does the majority of things that a personal assistant or office administrator does, but they’re never in your office. Answering telephones, replying to emails, invoicing your clients… anything you can do online, your Virtual Assistant can help you with.

What can a Virtual Assistant do for me?

Advancing technology means that you don’t need to hire an administration professional to sit in your office. Below is a tiny list of tasks that our VAs regularly carry out for our clients:

  • Taking incoming calls and scheduling bookings;

  • Updating the content of your websites;

  • Updating your social media accounts and replying to your customers;

  • Replying to your client’s enquiries via email;

  • Debt collection and accounts receivable tasks;

  • Data entry;

  • Calendar management;

  • Booking travel;

  • Writing board reports;

  • and much, much more!

  • We don’t undertake telemarketing, sales/marketing calls and/or similar tasks/functions to these.


What if I only need you to answer my phones?

Not a problem! We’re professional and can a have dedicated line set up for you within about 30 minutes (once the admin part of the process is done)…

Why should I go with you?

If you’re weighing up the pros and cons, we’d suggest giving both a trial run. You can then decide based on results, not on words. We often speak to clients who’ve not had much success with overseas VA’s, and want someone that they know they can rely on, that speaks their language and understands business in Australia – and that’s important!

What hours do we work?

Our core hours are 9 to 5, Monday to Friday. Anything outside that can be negotiated with the VA in question. We’re usually reasonably flexible.

What tools do you use to get your job done?

We love living in this era of technology! There are so many tools available to us online to make working remotely easy for everyone. We love Dropbox for file sharing, we use Google Apps for our email, calendar and contacts, we use Skype for communicating – just to name a few. Of course, you may have your own CRM or programs/technologies that you use in your business, we’re more than happy to use these.

How do we share files?

With the use of Dropbox you can share the files that you want to share with us, so that we work in real-time on the same documents. There is no need to send files via email and there will be no chance of duplicate documents. It works just like a normal server, just in the cloud. We also use Google Drive or any other file sharing program you choose… it’s entirely up to you!

Will you sign a confidentiality agreement?

Yes – this is part of our Service Agreement. It protects you and us and benefits all parties.

How do you answer our telephone calls?

When your dedicated telephone line is connected, we answer as if we’re in your office AND it’s our location is transparent to your clients. You can forward any phone to this number if you’re busy, so your calls don’t go unattended. It includes a voicemail facility too!

How can I hand over my email inbox to you?

If you want us to manage your email inbox, it’s easy. We simply set up a copy of your email account on our desktop and manage it from there. Or, if you’re already in the cloud ie. Gmail, we can simply log on throughout the day to action your Inbox.

What are your payment terms?

We have a strict 7 day payment term. If payment is not received within the 7 days, we get sad and you may incur late fees and have your services suspended due to non-payment…

What are my payment options?

Payment options vary from VA to VA, but generally speaking:

  • Direct deposit into the TVA bank account is usually the best way…

  • We do accept credit card payment (call us to process) – charges are 1.4% of invoice total + $0.29c transaction fee (due to the bank charging us, unfortunately we need to onpass the fees)…

All the payment details you need will be on your invoice.


Recent statistics show that more than 50% of website users view on mobile.

It is now more important than ever to have a mobile optimised website.

Your customers want a seamless expierence from desktop to mobile.


You can click below to request a quote, we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Our process starts with discussing goals and expectations with you.

What You Need To Know Before You Have a Website Built

Refer to Blog Post - 


If you are considering having a website created, it is important for you to understand what is required from you and what is delivered by the designer. Website designers are here to provide you with a great website, so to be as time and cost efficient as possible it is important to understand that we need certain requirements from you first.


  • Understand Your Target Audience

  • How Much Content Will You Need

  • Building Your Website Is Only The First Step

  • Don’t Cut Corners

  • Balance Design and Functionality

  • Understand Your Responsibilities

  • Accept Professional Guidance

  • Decide On Your Budget

  • Understand On-Going Maintenance

What will be the cost and how long is the process?

The cost and time vary from project to project. Our basic website plan starts with $2000 plus GST , which will get you everything you need to get started. Website Design, Copywriting, Stock images, Web hosting for first 12 months, Unlimited tweaks before site launch, Free support for 30 days after launch.

Do you also provide source images for the website?

Yes, we also provide stock photos and graphically designed photos as per your need.

What payment option do you provide for clients?

Most of our projects demand 50% payment upfront and 50% before making the website live. You can do bank transfer or pay over the phone by credit card. In some cases we can organise instalment payments via direct debit. You can choose the most suitable payment option for you. Just talk with your account manager to select the preferred method.

How do I change my hosting and service with you?

Yes you can! Upon request, we can hand over all website files and domain information to your chosen provider. You have to let us know in writing 

  • What is a Domain Name and Do I Need One?
    Domain names are just like a contact in your phone. Rather than typing a complicated set of numbers (the IP address) into your browser, you type in a domain name. That domain name is human-friendly and much easier to remember than an IP address. All domain names are connected to a unique IP address. For example: Our Domain Name is ""
  • Do I Really Need Web Hosting?
    Unless you want to build a website and not have it be live (online), then yes, you definitely need hosting.
    Our professional content writers can do as little or as much of the content as you like. They’ll ensure your website copy is optimised for search engines and targeted to your demographic.
  • Can I insert pictures in my FAQ?
    Yes! To add a picture follow these simple steps: Enter App Settings Click the "Manage Questions" button Click on the question you would like to attach a picture to When editing your answer, click on the picture icon and then add an image from your library
    The price of your website depends on the size and what you want it to have or do. Check out our web design and development packages to get an idea of how affordable it can be.
    Great question! Before we get to work, we’ll ask you to fill out a questionnaire with your products and services, contact details, business history, any colours you like and anything you feel we need to know. The more detailed you are the less back and forth there’ll be to get your website done right.
    You sure can! Simply email your artwork to Before you do, please read our Style Guide to ensure your artwork is set up correctly. We’re unable to use any artwork that doesn’t meet our technical specifications.
  • 24/7 Self Updates
    24/7 Self Updates Easy Self Update Console (CMS) The cost to run your own website is now affordable as all our customers have access to our own World's Easiest Self-Update Console content management system. This means your website does not need the help of a website designer to make small changes or add a new photo that can elsewhere cost hundreds per update, you can UPDATE IT YOURSELF.
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    Freelance Writer
  • Virtual Assistant
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