Professional Writing - Prices

NOTE: All prices are in Australian Dollars (A$) and No GST is Charged

Business Writing


Starting from A$28 per page - 14 days delivery to A$72 per page - same day delivery


Depending on specifications such as delivery time frames, research requirements and overall length of the document.

Minimum 4 pages A$112 - Approx. 275 words per page​

  • Business reports, 

  • Interviewing and transcribing, 

  • Article writing, 

  • Qualified resume and cover letter writing,

  • Professional letters,

  • Scriptwriting, 

  • Social media content,

  • Marketing material,

  • Advertising copy,

  • Brochures,

  • Banners, editing and proofreading. 


Minimum project fee A$1200

- Smaller projects considered when contacted.

- Client interviewed. Speech developed from responded information.

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Webpage (SEO)

From A$350 per page (Min. 4 pages)

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Blog Post Copywriting

From A$365 per post

 (Minimum 4 posts)

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e-newsletter copywriting

From A$350 per letter

(Minimum 4 letters)

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Video script copywriting

From A$350

per minute of video

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- A5 4pp Brochure:

From A$650

- A4 4pp Brochure:

From A$1150

Brochure Copywriting

Creative Writing

Our prices are indicative and it is important that we discuss your specific needs with you before providing a firm quotation.


A$150 to write a document of (approx. 300 - 400 words) this price includes two rounds of revisions.

Need some creative writing?


Our professional writer can help with your creative writing or any personal writing requirements such as resumes, cover letters, or even wedding vows or speeches.

Original, personalised wedding vows:

A$150 to write a set of vows (approx. 300 - 400 words) and this price includes two rounds of revisions.

Speeches (See Table below)

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ONLY A$180

2-5 minute speech

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Short Speech

ONLY A$250

2-3 minute speech

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Medium Speech

ONLY A$350

4-5 minute speech

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Long Speech

ONLY A$495

6-10 minute speech